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A trademark is the projection and image of your company that distinguishes you in the market and perhaps the greatest asset of your business. Likewise, the protection of your trademark and other distinctive signs provides confidence to your consumers and business partners, favoring your leadership as a competitor.

Through its protection in its various types regulated by law, including non-traditional, notorious and famous trademarks, you acquire the exclusive use of the distinctive sign against possible imitators and at the same time, you ensure that you do not infringe the trademark rights of third parties.

Get expert advice, in CELE Attorneys at Law we have more than 20 years of experience in handling trademark portfolios of clients ranging from small entrepreneurs to large domestic and foreign companies.

We accompany you in an efficient and creative manner from the search for availability, to the elaboration of the best integral strategy to obtain the registration of your trademark and
its subsequently the control and maintenance of its validity. We also advise you in relation to its licensing, assignment and drafting of contracts in this regard, as well as monitoring for opposition and its defense.